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    Exchange Blueprint Chart

    *Chart updated May 2013

    States opting for a state-based exchange or a partnership exchange are required to submit a blueprint application to HHS. For 2014, certification deadlines have passed, but states will have the option to change in future years. For 2015 and beyond, states transitioning to a state-based or partnership exchange will follow a similar process and timeframe as this past year. More information is contained in the Guidance on State Partnership Exchanges.

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    StateLetter sent to HHSState basedPartnershipFederal ExchangePlan Management, Consumer Assistance Option or BothBlueprintApproved
    Total3517727 1825
    AK   x   
    AL   x   
    ARSubmitted December 12, 2012 x BothxYes3
    AZSubmitted November 28, 2012  x   
    Submitted July 10, 2012x   xYes3
    COSubmitted July 6, 2012x   xYes3
    CTSubmitted July 10, 2012x    Yes3
    DCSubmitted August 8, 2012x   xYes3
    DESubmitted November 14, 2012 x Both Yes3
    FL   x   
    GASubmitted November 16, 2012 2      
    HISubmitted June 7, 2012x   xYes3
    IASubmitted December 14, 2012 x Plan ManagementxYes3
    IDSubmitted December 14, 2012x   xYes3
    ILSubmitted October 16, 2012 x BothxYes3
    IN   x   
    KS   xPlan Management7  
    KYSubmitted July 10, 2012x   xYes3
    MASubmitted July 10, 2012x    Yes3
    MDSubmitted July 10, 2012x    Yes3
    ME   xPlan Management7  
    Submitted January 22, 2013   Both Yes3
    MNSubmitted July 10, 2012x   xYes3
    MSSubmitted November 14, 2012  x6  No
    MT   xPlan Management7  
    NCSubmitted November 15, 2012  x5   
    NE   xPlan Management7  
    NHSubmitted February 13, 2013 x BothxYes3
    NJSubmitted February 15, 2013  x   
    NMSubmitted December 13, 2012x   xYes3
    NVSubmitted December 14, 2012x   xYes3
    Submitted July 9, 2012x   xYes3

    Submitted November 16, 20121

    Submitted February 14, 2013

      xPlan Management7  
    OK   x   
    Submitted July 6, 2012x   xYes3
    PASubmitted December 12, 20124      
    RISubmitted July 5, 2012x    Yes3
    SC   x   
    SD   xPlan Management7  
    TNSubmitted February 15, 2013  x   
    TX   x   
    UTSubmitted December 14, 2012  x xYes8
    Submitted December 14, 20124  xPlan Management7  
    VTSubmitted July 9, 2012x    Yes3
    WASubmitted July 10, 2012x   xYes3
    WISubmitted November 16, 2012  x   
    WVSubmitted February 15, 2013 x BothxYes3
    WY   x   

    About this chart 
    States that wish to operate a state based exchange are required to submit a letter of intent and an exchange blueprint by December 14, 2012 for certification or conditional certification by January 1, 2013. States that wish to participate in the partnership model must submit a letter of intent and blueprint by February 15, 2013.


     1 Letter reserves right to amend intentions

    2 Letter does not specify FFE or partnership FFE

    3 State has received conditional approval

    4 Only indicates the state rejects a state exchange, does not indicate federal or partnership exchange

    5 North Carolina initially submitted a partnership blueprint, but the new administration indicates it will default to FFE

    6 Mississippi's application for a state-based exchange was not approved because the governor did not support it

    7 HHS recently opened the option to FFE states to perform plan management activities

    8 While Utah was conditionally approved for a state-based exchange, they will now have a Federally facilitated individual exchange and a state-run SHOP

    Produced by Rachel Dolan National Academy for State Health Policy


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    Based on the most recent declaration letter from the state of Ohio (which is linked in the chart above), Ohio intendes to act as a Partnership Exchange, rather then FFE. While the letter is provided above, the "X" on the chart has not been updated.

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