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    Exchange Governance Chart

    This chart highlights steps states have taken to create an exchange. If you'd like to read more about exchange policy decisions, check out our State and Partnership Exchange Policy Decisions chart.

    Like all State Refor(u)m research, this chart is a collaborative effort with you, the user. State Refor(u)m captures the health reform comments, documents, and links submitted by health policy thinkers and doers all over the country. And our team periodically supplements, analyzes, and compiles this key content.

    Know of something we should add to this compilation? Eager to update a fact we've included? Your feedback is central to our ongoing, real-time analytical process, so tell us in a comment, or email the author with your suggestion. She can be reached at

    State1Level 1 or 2 Establishment Grant2Exchange Established3Exchange DesignExchange GovernanceExchange DirectorExchange Board Appointed3
    AK  Federally facilitated exchange   
    ALLevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    ARLevel 1 Partnership exchange Cynthia Crone 
    AZLevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    Level 1LegislationState-based exchangeIndependent public agencyPeter V. LeeYes
    COLevel 1LegislationState-based exchangeQuasi-governmental entityPatty FontneauYes
    CTLevel 1 and Level 2LegislationState-based exchangePublic non-profit corporationKevin CounihanYes
    DELevel 1 Partnership exchange Michelle Amadio 
    DCLevel 1 and Level 2Legislation State-based exchangeIndependent authority that is legally separate from the DC government. Housed at Department of Health Care Finance.Mila KofmanYes
    FL  Federally facilitated exchange   
    GA  Federally facilitated exchange   
    HILevel 1LegislationState-based exchangePrivate non-profit entityTom MatsudaYes
    IALevel 1 Partnership exchange   
    Level 1LegislationState-based exchangeIndependent public corporationAmy DowdYes
    ILLevel 1 Partnership exchange Jennifer Koehler


    INLevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    LA  Federally facilitated exchange   
    KS   Federally facilitated exchange   
    Level 1Executive OrderState-based exchangeNew office within the Cabinet for Health and Family ServicesCarrie Banahan 
    MALevel 1LegislationState-based exchangeQuasi-governmental entityJean YangYes
    Level 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    Level 1 and Level 2LegislationState-based exchangeQuasi-governmental entityCarolyn Quattrocki Yes
    MILevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    Level 1LegislationState-based exchangeState boardScott Leitz Yes
    MOLevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    MSLevel 1 State-based SHOP; Federally facilitated individual exchangeWithin the existing CHIRPA, which is a nonprofit entity. 

    Not applicable4

    MT  Federally Facilitated Exchange   
    NCLevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    ND  Federally facilitated exchange   
    NELevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    NH  Partnership exchange   
    NJLevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    NMLevel 1LegislationState-based SHOP; Federally facilitated individual exchangeNonprofit public coroporationMike NunezYes
    NVLevel 1 and Level 2 LegislationState-based exchangeIndividual public entity Yes
    NYLevel 1Executive OrderState-based exchangeWithin the existing Health DepartmentDonna FrescatoreNot applicable
    OH  Federally facilitated exchange   
    OK  Federally facilitated exchange   
    ORLevel 1LegislationState-based exchangePublic CorporationBruce Goldberg Yes
    PALevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    RILevel 1 and Level 2Executive Order State-based exchangeNew division within the executive branchChristine FergusonYes
    SC  Federally facilitated exchange   
    SDLevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    TNLevel 1 Federally facilitated exchange   
    TX  Federally facilitated exchange   
    UT LegislationState-based SHOP; Federally facilitated individual exchangeDepartment within Office of Consumer Health ServicesPatty ConnorNot applicable5
    VA  Federally facilitated exchange   
    VTLevel 1 and Level 2Legislation State-based exchangeWithin the existing Department of Vermont Health Access Lindsey TuckerNot applicable6
    WALevel 1 and Level 2LegislationState-based exchange. Option to become regional exchange later on.Non-governmental, public/private entityRichard OnizukaYes
    WI  Federally facilitated exchange   
    WVLevel 1LegislationPartnership exchange   
    WY  Federally facilitated exchange   
    Total3515 +DC716 state based exchanges, 27 federally facilitated exchanges, 6 partnership exchanges, 3 state SHOP only exchangesn/a1814


    1 State abbreviations are linked to exchange websites, where available.

    2 For more information on state exchange establishment grants check out our chart and the full list from HHS.
    3 For more in-depth analysis of state exchange legislation and board composition, check out our legislation chart.
    4 CHIRPA is governed by a nine-member board.
    5 Risk adjuster board sets policies related to defined contribution market but does not oversee operations.
    6 The Exchange is administered by the Department of Vermont Health Access in consultation with the Medicaid and Exchange Advisory Committee.

    7 Total includes Massachusetts, which created the Connector in 2006, prior to the ACA.

    Chart Produced by: Rachel Dolan, Sarabeth Zemel and Jeanie Donovan




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