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    Welcome to the New State Refor(u)m

    Welcome to the new State Refor(u)m! We are thrilled to have you join the most practical, focused, and informed discussion underway about the implementation of health reform. Our state leaders told us that the best way for them to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the Affordable Care Act was to make it easy for them to share resources, ask questions, and get advice. State Refor(u)m does that in a completely transparent, public manner.

    Progress indicators and milestones form the core of the State Refor(u)m site. Developed and refined by the NASHP Executive Committee and staff, the indicators articulate 11 aspects of health care reform that states need to get right if they are to be successful in implementation. Milestones are the more detailed steps that contribute to making progress on an indicator. Together, the indicators and milestones provide a roadmap to implementation and to the State Refor(u)m site.

    We invite you to take some time to familiarize yourself with the resources on State Refor(u)m. You will find draft legislation, analytic reports, PowerPoint slides, and more. The content is organized by indicator and milestone, as well as by state.

    State officials involved in health reform implementation are the core audience for State Refor(u)m. But everyone interested in contributing to effective implementation is encouraged to participate. Anyone can register—it’s quick and easy. Registered users can post documents and comments. We hope you will post materials that others will find of interest; and we are confident you will find information provided by others to be of value to you.

    Led by Sonya Schwartz, we have an entire team at NASHP devoted to developing and improving State Refor(u)m. They can help you navigate the site and answer your questions.

    The development and operation of StateRefor(u)m are funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  We are grateful to them for their support of this ambitious endeavor.  We also want to recognize Context Partners for their conceptual work, and Enomaly for their web development.  We couldn’t have asked for better partners in this project.

    We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.  As our resources permit, we will add features that respond to your ideas.

    In the words of Maurice Sendak: “Let the wild rumpus start!”

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