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    Active States Forge Ahead

    Gov. Brown (D-CA): “Today's dramatic Supreme Court ruling removes the last roadblock to fulfilling President Obama's historic plan to bring health care to millions of uninsured citizens.” Read more

    Gov. Hickenlooper (D-CO): “The court’s decision simply keeps Colorado on the path toward reform we’ve been on since the Affordable Care Act became law. We must also remember that controlling costs across the entire health system is a critical component of expanding coverage. We remain committed to doing everything we can to improve the health and health care of all Coloradans.” Read more

    Gov. Malloy (D-CT): "In Connecticut, we’ve been leading the way on this issue — we never stopped working, and today’s decision is an affirmation of everything we’ve worked so hard to prepare.  Now let’s make sure we continue to implement this historic, positive change.” Read more

    Gov. Markell (D-DE): "The Supreme Court’s ruling enables Delaware to continue to implement provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to provide access to health care benefits for Delawareans.  It means that pre-existing condition exclusions for children will continue to be banned, that people starting their careers can continue to access health care through their parent’s coverage until age 26, and that work in Delaware can continue on providing access to quality affordable health care coverage to Delawareans. On the Medicaid front, Delaware already voluntarily expanded the state’s Medicaid coverage program in 1996 to cover many Delawareans not previously covered." Read more

    Gov. Beshear (D-KY): “This Supreme Court decision removes much of the uncertainty about the Affordable Care Act. Kentucky has been systematically preparing to meet the implementation deadlines set forth in the bill as a precautionary matter, and now we will move ahead to establish a state-operated Health Benefit Exchange. I will soon issue an Executive Order to create the state health insurance exchange so Kentucky will be prepared to operate it by the date the law requires. We continue to review the Supreme Court’s opinion, particularly on the Medicaid portion of the Affordable Care Act to determine what our options may be." Read more

    Gov. Patrick (D-MA): "The Affordable Care Act gives Massachusetts tools to improve the quality of care and lower costs for everyone. One of the great outcomes of today’s ruling is allowing that work to go forward. We are using the Affordable Care Act to improve health IT, enabling digital medical records that are easier to move through the system; we are using the Affordable Care Act to move to more integrated, higher quality, lower cost care; we are also using the Affordable Care Act today to streamline coverage for the working poor across Massachusetts." Read more

    Gov. O'Malley (D-MD): “Today’s decision gives considerable momentum to our health care reform efforts here in Maryland. What it does not – and indeed must not – do, is give us license to take our eye off the ball or slow our progress." Read more

    Gov. Dayton (D-MN): “This ruling is also an affirmation of the reform efforts currently underway in Minnesota to improve the quality and lower the cost of health care.   We have long been a national leader in healthcare reform –a reputation that will be enhanced as we work with private and public sector leaders to implement the Affordable Care Act in Minnesota.” Read more

    Gov. Kitzhaber (D-OR): "Oregon’s health transformation initiative is well underway. We’re moving forward with Coordinated Care Organizations that will transform Medicaid for better health and lower cost. And the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange will be a central marketplace where individuals and small businesses can shop for health plans and receive help paying for coverage." Read more

    Gov. Chafee (R-RI): “I have fully committed to ensuring Rhode Island is a national leader in implementing health reform whatever the Supreme Court decision, and this just reinforces that commitment it is an economic imperative that we address the problem of uninsured Rhode Islanders and rising healthcare costs. I’m confident of the clear path forward that we have marked to achieve universal coverage for Rhode Islanders, and now we can get back to that important work with this decision behind us." Read more

    Gov. Gregoire (D-WA): “I applaud today’s Supreme Court decision. Since the Affordable Care Act was signed by the President, we have worked tirelessly to implement it in our state, with my firm belief that it was constitutional and would ultimately withstand legal challenge." Read more

    States In The Middle Explore Options

    Gov. Parnell (R-AK): “At the state level, we have begun reviewing the U.S. Supreme Court’s 193 page decision to determine how other provisions, like mandated state Medicaid expansion, have been affected by the U.S. Supreme Court decision. Alaska can then determine the best approach to the federal law for our state." Read more

    Gov. Beebe (D-AR): “We will study the impact the Court’s ruling will have on health care in Arkansas going forward. In the mean time, our separate initiative to create cost savings and improve health care in Arkansas continues. Our aim is to set an example other states can follow, regardless of what transpires next in Washington, D.C.” Read more

    Gov. Snyder (R-MI): "While I may not agree with everything in the law, now that the Supreme Court has essentially upheld the Act, we must act quickly to avoid an undue burden on Michigan residents and job providers. Working with our legislative leaders to establish the MiHealth Marketplace will allow Michiganders to make decisions regarding what will be covered as opposed to Washington, D.C. making those decisions for us. It will also allow us to draw down federal dollars to assist with the costs of complying with the law." Read more

    Gov. Nixon (D-MO): "We're just now beginning to review this ruling so that we can understand exactly what it means for Missouri.  This ruling has significant complexities and implications for families, health care providers and insurers in our state.  Here in Missouri, I'm committed to working collaboratively with citizens, businesses, medical providers and the legislature to move forward in a way that works best for families in our state." Read more

    Gov. Sandoval (R-NV): “America is a nation of laws, and checks and balances. While I may not agree with the Supreme Court’s decision in this case, I respect the process envisioned by our founding fathers. The implications for Medicaid costs are still unclear, but Nevada will prepare to meet the serious financial implications of this decision. I believe the Congress should act to reform this law and ease the serious burdens it places on the states and the nation’s businesses. The American people remain deeply divided on the wisdom of this law and they are still entitled to see it changed.” Read more

    Gov. Kasich (R-OH): "The Administration will carefully analyze the decision to determine the appropriate next steps. We are very concerned that a sudden, dramatic increase in Medicaid spending could threaten Ohio’s ability to pursue needed reforms in other areas, such as education. Going forward, we remain committed to minimizing the law’s drag on the economic growth Ohio is beginning to experience, protecting the inviolate relationship between doctors and patients, and preserving as much free market competition in health care as possible.” Read more

    Gov. Daugaard (R-SD): “Now that the lawsuit is behind us, it is our duty to study all the available options and make an informed decision that minimizes the damage this law could do to South Dakota’s health care and insurance industries.” Read more

    Gov. Haslam (R-TN): “We will review the entire Supreme Court’s opinion to fully understand its impact on the State of Tennessee. From initial reports, it appears the individual mandate has been ruled Constitutional and has been upheld... What was unanticipated is the section of the opinion that says states cannot be forced to expand their Medicaid program. This particular portion of the ruling is significant, but it is premature to know the exact ramifications." Read more

    Gov. McDonnell (R-VA): "Virginia will evaluatate the steps necessary to comply with the law. While we have awaited this decision, planners have been working to identify necessary resources and issues to be addressed to ensure Virginia implements this flawed law in the most effective and least costly and burdensome way possible." Read more

    Gov. Tomblin (R-WV): “We know what the law is but as I’ve said before, I will continue to do what is best for West Virginia. We all know health care costs continue to rise and our health care system must be more efficient. We’re going to review the Supreme Court’s ruling, and work with our federal delegation on how we move forward.” Read more

    Opposition States Place Bets On November Elections

    Gov. Bentley (R-AL): “I am deeply disappointed by today’s Supreme Court decision.  The health care law is an overreach by the federal government that creates more regulation, bureaucracy, and a dramatic increase in costs to taxpayers.  The ACA is the single worst piece of legislation to come out of Congress.  This law must be repealed." Read more

    Gov. Brewer (R-AZ): “If nothing else, today’s decision officially sets the stakes for the November election. It is now up to the American people to save our country from the fiscal and regulatory nightmare known as ObamaCare. Come November, we must elect a President who understands the economy, represents free enterprise and respects the Constitution and individual liberty. If Arizonans are to have access to the health care they need from the provider they choose, ObamaCare must be fully repealed.” Read more

    Gov. Scott (R-FL): “Today’s decision by the Supreme Court of the United States is simply disappointing.  The tax question was repeatedly refuted by members of Congress who helped pass this health care takeover.  The Justices have declared that the central provision of ObamaCare is a judicially mandated tax." Read more 

    Gov. Branstad (R-IA): “Today, the Supreme Court handed down a disastrous decision to uphold President Obama’s destructive health care law, which means a future of higher costs, higher taxes, and increasing debt for Iowans. The current health care system is nothing but a federal takeover and continues to exceed its budgeted amount every day." Read more

    Gov. Brownback (R-KS): “Stopping ObamaCare is now in the hands of the American people.  It begins with electing a new president this fall.” Read more

    Gov. Jindal (R-LA): “Today’s decision is a blow to our freedoms. The Court should have protected our constitutional freedoms, but remember, it was the President that forced this law on us.” Read more

    Gov. LePage (R-ME): "This decision has verified what President Obama has refused to admit all along, which is to say this law is an enormous tax on the American people. The federal government can force you to do or buy anything, as long as they call it a ‘tax.’ This massive tax hike will only destroy the American economy as it forces us over the financial cliff." Read more

    Gov. Christie (R-NJ): "Today’s Supreme Court decision is disappointing and I still believe this is the wrong approach for the people of New Jersey who should be able to make their own judgments about health care." Read more

    Gov. Fallin (R-OK): “Today’s decision highlights the importance of electing leaders who will work to repeal the federal health care law and replace it with meaningful reform focused on commonsense, market based changes.” Read more

    Gov. Perry (R-TX): "Now that the Supreme Court has abandoned us, we citizens must take action at every level of government and demand real reform, done with respect for our Constitution and our liberty." Read more

    Gov. Walker (R-WI): "Wisconsin will not take any action to implement ObamaCare. I am hopeful that political changes in Washington D.C. later this year ultimately end the implementation of this law at the federal level." Read more


    Infographic created by Chris Cantrell and Katie Sheedy